KEDS-S100 Series Protectowire Interface Module with Confirmed Temperature Initiation (CTI ™ )

 Provides a single zone interface for Protectowire Type
 CTI ™ Linear Heat Detectors
 Patented technology can distinguish between mechanical
 shorts and thermal alarm conditions (Short Circuit
 Discrimination)
 Integrated Protectowire Alarm Point Location Meter with
 field calibration
 ۴x20 LED backlit LCD display
 Modbus over RS-485 communications
 ۴-۲۰mA outputs for Status and Alarm Point Location
 ۶۴ Event History Log (FIFO)
 Optional intrinsically safe detection circuit available for
 use in hazardous locations.

 The CTM-530 is a detection control module that acts as an inter-
 face between a main fire alarm control panel detection circuit or
 addressable node and Protectowire Type CTI Linear Heat Detec-
 tor. The module provides one (1) supervised detection circuit that
 may be field wired for either Class A (Style D) or Class B (Style B)
 service. The alarm initiating circuit is capable of operating up to
 ۴۰۰۰ feet (1219 meters) of Protectowire Type CTI Linear Heat
 Detector. The CTM-530 initiating circuit currently does not sup-
 port other types of normally open contact alarm initiating devices.

 The CTM-530 operates using Protectowire’s patented CTI Con-
 firmed Temperature Initiation technology. When paired with Pro-
 tectowire Type CTI Linear Heat Detectors, the module can
 distinguish between a mechanical short in the linear heat detector
 and a thermal alarm activation thereby greatly reducing the risk of
 false alarms. This multi-criteria detection method provides for
 short circuit discrimination, a feature previously unavailable for
 digital type linear heat detectors.

 The CTM-530 is designed for easy installation and is optionally
 available in a NEMA-4X* rated enclosure for mounting outside of
 the host fire alarm control panel or remotely near the hazard to be
 protected. In order to ensure proper operation, each CTM-530
 module requires regulated resettable external power which is nor-
 mally provided by the host fire alarm panel. Each module con-
 tains a green “Power-On” LED indicator, one (1) red “Alarm”
 LED indicator, one (1) yellow “Trouble” LED indicator and one
 yellow “short fault” LED indicator. One (1) set of Form C
 alarm contacts, one (1) set of Form C trouble contacts and one (1)
 set of Form C short circuit fault contacts are also provided to con-
 nect the unit to the host fire alarm panel. The module also pro-
 vides Modbus over RS-485 communications and two 4-20mA
 outputs, one which allows monitoring of the module status and
 the other for monitoring alarm point location information.
 The standard CTM-530 module contains a built in Protectowire
 Alarm Point Location Meter. This meter will automatically display
 the distance from the beginning of the detector run to the heat ac-
 tuated (shorted) portion of the detector. The Alarm Point Location
 Meter can be programmed to display in either standard units
 (Feet) or metric units (Meters). The meter display provides a simple “on screen” calibration procedure allowing the measurement to
 be field calibrated to the installed detector length and ambient tem-
 perature for optimal accuracy.

 Electrical
• Power input – Regulated 12 to 24 VDC (+10% / -15%) @
 ۱٫۶ Watt
• Power Limited, onboard surge and EMI protection devices
 Inputs
• One initiating device circuit capable of monitoring up to 4000
 Feet (1219 Meters) of Protectowire Type CTI Linear Heat
 Detector. For all CTI type detectors, twisted “T” type thermo-
 couple grade extension wire is required for use as interconnecting
 cable on the detection circuit. Minimum conductor size is
 ۲۰ AWG (0.812 mm), or as required by local code.
 Environmental
• Ambient temperature range:
 Standard version (With integrated LCD display) -20° to
 ۱۲۰°F (-29° to 49°C)
 LT version (Without integrated LCD display) -40° to
 ۱۲۰°F (-40° to 49°C)
 Standard & LT Versions FM tested to 140°F (60°C) max
• Humidity: Max. 95% non-condensing
 Indicators
• ۴x20 Character LED backlit LCD display
• One green “Power” indicator
• One red “Alarm” indicator
• One yellow “Fault” indicator
• One yellow “Short Fault” indicator

 ۴-۲۰mA Output Information
 Description – The CTM 530 provides two 4-20mA outputs that
 allow for monitoring of the module status and active alarm point loca-
 tion reading. These outputs are intended for annunciation purposes
 only. Module monitoring is intended to be accomplished using the
 on-board dry contacts connected to a listed or approved fire detection
 control panel initiating device circuit. Consult Manual for detailed
 output levels for each status loop.
 Modbus over RS-485 Description
 The CTM-530 interface module provides integrated Modbus over
 RS-485 communications. Each module can be configured as a Mod-
 bus slave device on an RS-485 network. Once configured to commu-
 nicate on a network, each module can be polled by a master device for
 a variety of module specific data. A master device, such as a PLC (Pro-
 grammable Logic Controller) can monitor the status of one or more
 modules and take actions based on their status. Modbus over RS-485
 communication is a convenient method for utilizing detector status
 information to implement equipment shutdown or other automation
 events.