Experts in fire protection

What is the pur­pose of a fire de­tec­tion and sup­pres­sion con­trol panel?

In fire de­tec­tion and ex­tin­guish­ing con­trol pan­els, the in­form­a­tion from all fire de­tec­tion and mon­it­or­ing ele­ments comes to­gether. They re­ceive events, eval­u­ate them and auto­mat­ic­ally man­age the ne­ces­sary ac­tions in a tar­geted man­ner: from alert­ing, man­aging and test­ing ex­tin­guish­ing sys­tems to the situ­ational con­trol of build­ing ser­vices de­pend­ing on the course of the fire. Fire de­tec­tion and ex­tin­guish­ing con­trol pan­els thus form the heart of fire pro­tec­tion.

However, there are often re­stric­tions in the op­er­a­tion and use of fire de­tec­tion con­trol pan­els. On the one hand older sys­tems es­pe­cially often no longer meet today’s tech­nical re­quire­ments. On the other hand the op­er­a­tion of a fire de­tec­tion and ex­tin­guish­ing con­trol panel re­quires par­tic­u­lar skills. In stress­ful situ­ations even ex­per­i­enced people can quickly make er­rors in in­ter­pret­a­tion and op­er­a­tion, with ser­i­ous con­sequences. Minimax has the ap­pro­pri­ate solu­tion: Clunid FMZ6000.

What is the Clunid FMZ6000 char­ac­ter­ised by?

The Clunid FMZ6000 is a mod­u­lar fire de­tec­tion and ex­tin­guish­ing con­trol panel, pre­cisely tuned and as­sembled to the par­tic­u­lar cus­tomer re­quire­ments. High levels of op­er­at­ing safety and simple op­er­a­tion char­ac­ter­ize the unique prop­er­ties of the Clunid panel gen­er­a­tion.

High levels of op­er­at­ing safety

Front view of the central fire alarm system
  • The pro­cessors in all func­tion mod­ules and zone op­er­at­ing pan­els are al­ways im­ple­men­ted re­dund­antly.
  • Auto­matic plaus­ib­il­ity checks pre­vent user er­rors right from con­fig­ur­a­tion up to the up­load.
  • Up­dates and para­met­er­iz­a­tions take place dur­ing op­er­a­tion, thus re­du­cing risky shut­downs

Simple to use

  • In­tu­it­ive and mod­ern user guid­ance via touch dis­play
  • Con­sist­ently self ex­plan­at­ory icons with bind­ing op­er­at­ing in­struc­tions pre­vent er­rors
  • Flat menu struc­tures allow dir­ect and rapid nav­ig­a­tion for all events

Lim­it­less ap­plic­a­tion pos­sib­il­it­ies

  • Con­trol of com­plex mul­tiplezone ex­tin­guish­ing sys­tems via mod­u­lar sys­tem tech­no­logy
  • New com­mu­nic­a­tion pro­to­cols allow wide se­lec­tion of de­tect­ors and ac­tu­at­ors
  • In­ter­na­tional hard and soft­ware re­quire­ments are in­teg­rated and cer­ti­fied

Simple hand­ling of the fire alarm panel

Users ap­pre­ci­ate the op­er­a­tion via the full color 7″ touch dis­play. User nav­ig­a­tion is in­tu­it­ive thanks to the tile design, func­tional con­di­tions being visu­al­ized via the dis­play color and mes­sages being dis­played in clear text. Ad­di­tional func­tions can be eas­ily man­aged by pro­gram­mable area con­trol pan­els. Even the leg­ally re­quired doc­u­ment­a­tion be­comes sim­pler. The Lo­gic­Man­ager con­fig­ur­a­tion soft­ware auto­mat­ic­ally gen­er­ates gen­eral sys­tem doc­u­ment­a­tion. So when mak­ing changes to con­fig­ur­a­tion and use, doc­u­ment­a­tion be­comes child’s play. Fur­ther­more, func­tional tests for re­fur­bish­ment or main­ten­ance meas­ures are user­guided and se­curely saved.

Mod­u­lar design of the Clunid FMZ6000

As stand­ard the Clunid FMZ6000 is fit­ted with a 7″ touch dis­play in­clud­ing group dis­plays, a cent­ral and re­dund­ant sig­nal pro­cessing unit, power sup­ply unit and bat­tery sup­ply. It is pre­pared for up to 80 func­tion mod­ules and 27 zone con­trol pan­els

  • Sig­nal pro­cessing unit: The con­trol panel tech­no­logy is char­ac­ter­ized by rapid re­sponses and power­ful per­form­ance. The sig­nal pro­cessing unit is fit­ted with re­dund­ant pro­cessors and thus re­duces the prob­ab­il­ity of fail­ure to a min­imum.
  • Func­tion mod­ules: De­pend­ing on re­quire­ments, ad­di­tional func­tion mod­ules are avail­able from input mod­ules such as con­ven­tional de­tector or loop AP via out­put mod­ules such as con­trol groups or re­lays up to com­mu­nic­a­tion mod­ules such as fire bri­gade peri­phery or net­work­ing. A suit­able mod­ule is avail­able for every ap­plic­a­tion.
  • Power sup­ply unit: The Clunid FMZ6000 can be used world­wide. The power sup­ply units used come with ex­ten­ded voltage range input and cover vari­ous sup­ply voltages. The voltage out­put and con­trol group mod­ules are provided with elec­tronic fuses and are thus UL and FM-con­form­ant.
  • DC/DC con­verter: A DC/DC con­verter can be op­tion­ally in­teg­rated which sta­bil­izes the out­put voltage from the con­trol groups and thus provides for a con­stant out­put voltage even in bat­tery op­er­a­tion or dur­ing tem­per­at­ure fluc­tu­ations. This is often ne­ces­sary for stand­ard com­pon­ents such as horns or solen­oid valves without ad­equate ex­ten­ded voltage range input.
  • Hous­ing sizes: All com­pon­ents can be fit­ted in the four stand­ard hous­ing sizes D04, D14, D21 and D40. These can be in­di­vidu­ally ex­ten­ded and offer suf­fi­cient scope for a con­fig­ur­a­tion that meets your needs.